Composite stone also known as engineered stone is widely used mainly in the kitchen or bathroom as bench tops or splash backs. Composite stone slabs are made up of natural stone material (Quartz) which is crushed and bound together using a mixture of resins.  STONEco only uses composite stone slabs which are made up of  90% quartz.Composite stone is quickly becoming a popular choice as unlike natural stone, it is non-porous.  This makes composite stone surfaces more resilient to staining through easy maintenance using recommended surface cleaners.  

See the brands we supply below for more information on composite stone surfaces.



Sintered stone is a highly compacted stone surface which is manufactured with only natural minerals and stone particles.  The manufacturing of sintered stone replicates nature by using extreme high temperatures and compacting pressure to bond stone particles and minerals together without the use of resins. 

Sintered stone is non - porous which protects it from staining.  It is very hard to scratch,  heat resistant, and can be used outside as it is weatherproof product.

See the brands we supply for more information on sintered stone surfaces.